Why Is Kevin Upset With Cory Booker?

Pictured: Kevin is a dog. A dog with a meticulously vetted code of ethics. His judgmental gaze now rests on those 13 democrats who voted no.

This is Kevin. Kevin is a 1 1/2 year old Alaskan Malamute mix. His hobbies include not ever barking at anything, food, and making blankets of fur out of every surface of our house. So, given what we know about Kevin, what could Cory Booker have done to upset him so much?

Well, on January 11th, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar introduced an amendment into the Senate. The purpose of which was “To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to lower prescription drug prices for Americans by importing drugs from Canada.”

The amendment was voted down by a margin of 52-46. Incidentally, this amendment garnered a “yes” vote from 12 republicans, while 13 democrats voted “no”. One of these democrats was Cory Booker.

Maybe some of you have seen this list make its way around Facebook and other social media. This seems like a clear conflict of interest right? Wrong! I’m kidding, this is actually is a very serious conflict of interest, and Kevin agrees. The reasoning (site title! site title!) Booker provided for voting “no” was that the drugs which would be imported from Canada, at a lower price, would not have been reviewed by the FDA and therefore there are safety concerns.

Many news outlets have gone on to point out the fact that Canada does not appear to have problems with the safety of their prescription drug market. Nor do they appear to have problems accessing high quality ingredients to make those prescriptions. Some news organizations have even claimed that safety wouldn’t be an issue because the drugs we would be importing are manufactured in the U.S. in the first place. I haven’t done the research to prove this, nor has Kevin as he is a dog, but its not my point anyway.

My point rather, is that we as the voting constituents of these “no” senators, should not have had to “get past” the severe and evident conflict of interest that these senator’s campaign donations present. Often we may overlook things that may appear as conflicts of interest so that a justification may be made for a decision. My point is that in the case of contributions which can conflict the judgment of an elected official, we deserve to not have to overlook a potential conflict of interest. In the same fashion, Kevin seems to have a conflict of interest with not pooping on the deck stairs so that I step on it in the morning. He provides no justification for this either.

Factually, Cory Booker has received large sums of money from the pharmaceutical industry over the past six years. The most consistent figure presented is $267,388, just to Booker alone. The other 12 democrats also received large sums from the same industry. This blatant cronyism is begging for attention and rectification. As this is my first post, and somewhat of a warm up, I’m not going to get prescriptive (heh :/) with my argument. Let’s say instead that I’m glad this has gotten a lot of attention and we will be looking for the next compromised vote. Kevin will be too.

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