The Day the Government Stood Still – The Wall

Several days after the U.S. government has partially shut down, President Trump has placed the ball firmly in House Speaker Pelosi's court. Trump declared that "Nancy is calling the shots", meaning he blames Pelosi for the shutdown, claiming that she did so to garner political capital for the house speakership. President Trump has claimed in... Continue Reading →

Data Visualization of the Week

This chart, from Bloomberg, is an excellent map showing how land is used in the United States. For instance, the area which wildfire has consumed is greater than all the land use for golf courses, tobacco, flowers, and christmas trees. Source

Clive Head – Hi Fructose

If you're interested in how 20th century art has transformed in the 21st century, check out Clive Head's work in Hi-Fructose magazine. His work is what I assume Picasso was into with respect to the multidimensionality of his work. Where Picasso drew on primitivism and cubism, I see Clive as the follow through to the... Continue Reading →

The Reverse Congressional Hearing

Like many Americans, I feel pretty disconnected from our legislature as it relates to their day to day activities. Unless you’re a media representative and stake out a place at your state’s capitol building, you probably miss a lot of the “sausage making” that is the process of creating laws. There is CSPAN of course,... Continue Reading →

Who Is Taking Your Tax Dollars?

When talking to my conservative friends, an argument we inevitably seem to get into is whether the United States government gives too much to poor people and immigrants. The conservative argument typically follows this pattern: Immigrants come to this country for our generous benefits; and, there are too many poor Americans who are leeching off... Continue Reading →

America’s Next Doctor – The Veterinarian

I recently learned that there has been a substantial amount of  crossover between conventional medical services, i.e. clinics, hospitals, and veterinary services. What type of crossover you might ask? Drugs. Specifically, prescription drugs. I've brought Kevin in again on a consultancy basis for this post, and initial reports don't look good. Kevin is back and... Continue Reading →

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