New Polls – Rising Hispanic Approval for Trump

A new NPR poll taken between January 10-13 shows Trump’s approval has gone up 19% among hispanics to a 50% overall approval rating. This immediately struck me as counterintuitive since we are in the middle of a partial government shutdown. It is especially confusing to me since the shutdown is over wall funding. If it were the case that there were a legitimate terrorist or national security threat facing the southern border, I could see hispanics supporting that at levels similar to other Americans. Since we know that Trump’s pretense for building the wall has a morally dubious foundation, such as likening undocumented immigrants to animals, it’s interesting there would be such strong comparative support among hispanics.

Among nationally registered Republicans, Trump remains implacable. 62% of Republicans strongly approve of the job Trump is doing. While this level is lower than at some points in the last couple years, it remains strong. The Republican core combined with a rising Hispanic support faction could prove a stronger leverage than earlier anticipated, surprising many, like me.

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