You Can’t Call Me That! I’m Blocking You!

Recently there has been some activity surrounding who can be banned from online social media platforms. The debate around whether a private company like Facebook or Google can censor certain individuals or companies remains lively. Another take on this however has gotten less attention, that is, when can an elected representative censor someone on social... Continue Reading →

All Hail the Individual…?

I think it’s high time we take a long hard look at “individualism” in the western world. I will go ahead and qualify what I mean by “individualism” by rooting that term as we know it in the classic liberal sense. The rights of the individual are paramount in a liberal society. Protecting property rights,... Continue Reading →

What Actually is Going on With Bitcoin?

After a dismal 2018 Bitcoin is up 200% since the start of 2019. I began tracking this in early May after forgetting about Bitcoin like everyone else after the huge drop in 2018. According to Bloomberg, 40% of the growth occurred during the weekend activity during May: Source: Then, in true Bitcoin fashion, the... Continue Reading →

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