Another End to Hiatus

Did you know that “hiatus” is a latin term meaning “gaping hole”? In a sense I feel as though as if this is true with my writing. My typical production style is to work in short, intense bursts. This style doesn’t lend itself to long-term sustained predictable work, meaning there are periods of time which I have nothing to write about. That’s actually not all the way true though, I have a dozen drafts of posts half finished that I couldn’t bring myself to post.

In lieu of that, I defer to experts of writer’s block, which say that you should start writing and see what happens. The trouble is, I still haven’t figured out what I want this blog to be. There are posts which are in depth, data driven investigations into the economy and public policy sphere; then there are the general interest posts- short and sweet. Without topical feedback, I find myself caught between posts that are too large and complex to be of value in this medium, and puff pieces which I don’t think serve any purpose.

If you follow this blog, thank you for continuing to do so. I am revamping my strategy, and posts will follow suit.

As an aside, like a good Minnesotan, I looked up the Farmer’s Almanac for Minnesota and found this:


Above average temperature for December and January, and then below average until May. Isn’t this actually normal?

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