Homelessness and Traumatic Brain Injury

I remember hearing a statistic not too long ago about the prevalence of brain injury among the homeless. Today I looked it up and came across a few studies. Over half of all homeless people may have experienced a traumatic brain injury, according to a study highlighted in this Guardian article. Additionally: A large study... Continue Reading →

Reason For the Unreasonable – Award Winner

This blog recently was selected by the prestigious Feedspot.com organization as one of the "Top 30 Public Policy Blogs on the Web". If you're looking to congratulate me, I accept gift baskets without tomatoes, and free raffle tickets for meat raffles(this is not a euphemism it's something we have here in Minnesota, look it up).... Continue Reading →

Akoin – The Gentleman’s Publicoin

Akon, worldwide phenomena and a personal favorite of this author, has decided to leap head-first into the cryptocurrency world. Akon is going to create his own city in Senegal, Akon City, and the currency is going to be...you guessed it, AKOIN! Businessinsider.com reports: "The Akoin ecosystem is intended to be not just a currency, but... Continue Reading →

An Informed Electorate

The U.S. has an informed electorate problem. For people who pay attention to the news and policy advances within your state and local government, this is probably a source of frustration and not news. The founding fathers thought that an informed electorate was an important component to a functional democracy. Their litmus test to determine... Continue Reading →

Absurdity in the Age of The Absurd

There was a post on CBSnews.com about "big oil" asking the government for help against climate change. I immediately thought that this was a good intentioned, but rather sensational headline to pull in readers. Surely the hubris of the oil empire couldn't be this blatant. Evidently, Texas has proposed a plan to build a levee... Continue Reading →

The Tax Bill and Measured GDP

Google is the latest multinational giant to end its "double Irish" tax loophole, according to Financial Times. The article reads: "Google’s actions came ahead of the close of the so-called “double Irish” tax loophole, which has been used by US companies to channel international profits through Ireland and on to tax havens like Bermuda — putting them... Continue Reading →

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