Quarantine Day 3

Since our basement was sealed air-tight by our family prior to our arrival home on Sunday, I’ve spent 95% of my time in bed or in my office. We were supposed to hear our test results around 11:30am today, but have still not heard. My wife and I have been face-timing with our three year old daughter, since we haven’t seen her in person since March 7. That’s probably the hardest part about self-quarantine. I don’t think she exactly understands what is going on, but she has said several times now that she doesn’t like the “stinky doctor”, which is what we called the people who tested us and have not called with our results. To be clear, I am not angry with the medical staff here at all, they are genuinely heroes and are in way over their heads. Kudos to them. Seriously.

As an aside, I spent this evening writing another article for the Minnesota Reformer on the various stimulus packages which congress is considering. Look for that post in the coming days.

Finally, we have even isolated ourselves from Kevin, our dog who I’ve featured in posts before, because evidently dogs can contract the virus. Here he is in full battle dress:

Pictured: Field Marshal Kevin Furfinski

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