Quarantine Day – I've Stopped Counting Already, But The Important Thing is We Tested Negative

Fortunately our results came back finally this weekend and we were both negative, which is a relief. We have been able to have dinner with the family and at least that has returned to normal. Kevin is also happy that he can see other dogs, and not just me shouting incoherent phrases at him and repeatedly telling him that he is a good boy.

My wife and I continue to work at home. Things have been generally unraveling since this started and our house is descending rapidly into anarchy. This morning we started wearing war paint and placing booby traps around the house, which has only escalated current tensions. I don’t know that opening the bathroom door to find a poster sized portrait of Jeff Goldblum hanging over the toilet counts as a booby-trap, but it sure is unsettling.

Occasionally something is on fire, and plastic bags seem to roll through the living room like tumbleweeds. Negotiations on who has access to our office continue, though it’s difficult to think of a counter-proposal over the sound of my wife flint knapping grilling utensils into spear tips. Will report back. Stay safe everyone!

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