Another End to Hiatus

Did you know that "hiatus" is a latin term meaning "gaping hole"? In a sense I feel as though as if this is true with my writing. My typical production style is to work in short, intense bursts. This style doesn't lend itself to long-term sustained predictable work, meaning there are periods of time which... Continue Reading →

Is the U.S. Government Too Big?

At the center of the current cultural/political war lay a question which the public has yet to mediate: how large a role is the U.S. government supposed to play in our lives? The party norms which have traditionally guided the GOP, such as small government, seem to have fallen apart. The fierce cries from Republicans... Continue Reading →

The Populist Movement

The wave of support which evidently buttressed Trump's nomination and eventual election to the Presidency has often been called "a wave of populism". This term has a broad meaning and I would like to deconstruct its many uses to get at the center of what it actually means. Populism by definition appeals to "ordinary" voters... Continue Reading →

Recession? What Recession?

First, there is the yield curve: Source: CNBC This is a supposedly reliable indicator of recession. For those unfamiliar, a 30 year bond should pay a higher rate than a ten year bond, and even more so than a two year bond. This is to offset the inflation and investment risk of putting your money... Continue Reading →

The Coming of the Pluralist Society Part 1

There are three forces acting on the American white majority: globalism, immigration, and fertility. This is a well documented subject, captured in books like White Shift, by Eric Kaufmann, and policy briefs like "The US will become ‘minority white’ in 2045" by the Brookings Institute. I'm not going to re-knead the dough of white anxiety... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Call Me That! I’m Blocking You!

Recently there has been some activity surrounding who can be banned from online social media platforms. The debate around whether a private company like Facebook or Google can censor certain individuals or companies remains lively. Another take on this however has gotten less attention, that is, when can an elected representative censor someone on social... Continue Reading →

All Hail the Individual…?

I think it’s high time we take a long hard look at “individualism” in the western world. I will go ahead and qualify what I mean by “individualism” by rooting that term as we know it in the classic liberal sense. The rights of the individual are paramount in a liberal society. Protecting property rights,... Continue Reading →

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