How Do We Benefit From Infrastructure Spending?

This question should be asked in a way that doesn't diminish the political leanings and aspirations of the average American. I should ask more precisely, "does infrastructure spending benefit everyone, some more than others, or is vastly overstated in terms of its value?This is an important question within contemporary hyper-partisan politics where seemingly every facet... Continue Reading →

What Is An Online Troll?

The term "troll" has, like a great many descriptors of the modern online lexicon, has changed from its original meaning. Popular media from NBC to South Park has co-opted this moniker for a certain online presence. There is quite a bit of history behind this word which is interesting in its own right. The troll... Continue Reading →

What is a Fact?

There are political positions I take issue with because I don't agree with them politically. There are then political positions I take issue with because they are grounded on misrepresentation of the facts. If I were to say, for example, that I think Canadian Geese are a plague on society because they breathe fire and... Continue Reading →

The Public Health Policy Nightmare

Covid has integrated itself wholly among society since March. This thorough insinuation of every aspect of life has had a deeply personal impact for contact, transaction, and social reciprocity. The general public has a responsiblity, like during the 1918 pandemic, to perform certain acts to prevent the spread of the disease. The 1918 pandemic flu... Continue Reading →

Parler – Okay Fine Let’s Do this

Recently, Parler, the conservative alternative to Twitter/Facebook, has been garnering a lot of media attention. I'm going to sign up and investigate the site which is purportedly a bastion of free speech in which there are few rules. Source: After myriad compliants that Facebook was censoring conservative political speech, republicans and Trump supporters organized... Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Fed – Analysis on Monopoly

The MN Fed has issued a working paper recently concerning monopolies, which is an important topic in my opinion. The themes involved in the paper are relevant to the following topics: Monopolies and their effect on the economyHow monopolies develop and are protectedHow monopolies worsen economic inequality The board game Monopoly was actually called "The... Continue Reading →

The Minnesota Reformer

As many of you know, I have been writing for The Minnesota Reformer these last few months. I appreciate deeply those who follow my blog and I must admit that I have spent a far greater deal of energy on my Reformer writing than this blog. That said, for those of you who are interested... Continue Reading →

A Coronavirus Thought Experiment

There has been a baffling pushback to the measures that we have taken to combat the Coronavirus. The U.S. has a long track record of extreme individualism which in this case equates to "you can't tell me what to do". A mistrust of the government is one of the founding tenets of our constitution, so... Continue Reading →

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