Why Is Foreign Policy For Trade So Important

First, Foreign policy encompasses a much larger policy area than trade. The reason I've chose trade as a proxy for foreign relations is that it is a telling signal for the relationship between two countries. What is revealed in these trade agreements in the future which these two countries intend to share. This has been... Continue Reading →

A Coronavirus Thought Experiment

There has been a baffling pushback to the measures that we have taken to combat the Coronavirus. The U.S. has a long track record of extreme individualism which in this case equates to "you can't tell me what to do". A mistrust of the government is one of the founding tenets of our constitution, so... Continue Reading →

The State of the Quarantine

I am not a health expert. I am an economic policy person. In cases where health care is concerned, I defer to experts. I am fortunate to live in a state with a world class health care system, which includes clinics, hospitals, and medical research facilities. The University of Minnesota Medical Research division wields a... Continue Reading →

Unemployment – Continued

As much as 17% of the workforce is unemployed, or around 22 million workers. For perspective, the unemployment high during the great recession was 10%. Here is a nifty chart from Forbes: So, are we faced with another long, slow recovery? Well, the fact that the figures are so huge and impact so rapid, it's... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Day 3

Since our basement was sealed air-tight by our family prior to our arrival home on Sunday, I've spent 95% of my time in bed or in my office. We were supposed to hear our test results around 11:30am today, but have still not heard. My wife and I have been face-timing with our three year... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Day 2

As I've recently returned from vacation, like many others, I've been tested for Corona Virus. Fortunately, I was able to do so relatively quickly, after a four hour wait this morning. In the meantime, I'll be isolated at home for the foreseeable future. My work has mandated a minimum 14 day work from home policy... Continue Reading →

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