An Unexpected Result of State vs. Federal Government Under Trump Administration

The United States has coal that it would like to export. It has coal that it would like to export to Asia, and evidently the best way to do this is to put the coal on ships, rather than flying the coal overseas and dropping it over China like a sooted cropduster. There is a... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: Not as Deadly as the Flu

This has been getting a lot of attention lately, perhaps because it is a novel Coronavirus, or people are predisposed to worrying about China-originated epidemics(see SARS, bird flu). The scope of the issue, while still alarming due to its contagious nature and international presence, is widely overblown when compared with the flu virus. From USAToday:... Continue Reading →

Homelessness and Traumatic Brain Injury

I remember hearing a statistic not too long ago about the prevalence of brain injury among the homeless. Today I looked it up and came across a few studies. Over half of all homeless people may have experienced a traumatic brain injury, according to a study highlighted in this Guardian article. Additionally: A large study... Continue Reading →

Reason For the Unreasonable – Award Winner

This blog recently was selected by the prestigious organization as one of the "Top 30 Public Policy Blogs on the Web". If you're looking to congratulate me, I accept gift baskets without tomatoes, and free raffle tickets for meat raffles(this is not a euphemism it's something we have here in Minnesota, look it up).... Continue Reading →

Akoin – The Gentleman’s Publicoin

Akon, worldwide phenomena and a personal favorite of this author, has decided to leap head-first into the cryptocurrency world. Akon is going to create his own city in Senegal, Akon City, and the currency is going to guessed it, AKOIN! reports: "The Akoin ecosystem is intended to be not just a currency, but... Continue Reading →

An Informed Electorate

The U.S. has an informed electorate problem. For people who pay attention to the news and policy advances within your state and local government, this is probably a source of frustration and not news. The founding fathers thought that an informed electorate was an important component to a functional democracy. Their litmus test to determine... Continue Reading →

Absurdity in the Age of The Absurd

There was a post on about "big oil" asking the government for help against climate change. I immediately thought that this was a good intentioned, but rather sensational headline to pull in readers. Surely the hubris of the oil empire couldn't be this blatant. Evidently, Texas has proposed a plan to build a levee... Continue Reading →

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