T-Mobile/Sprint Merger – Surely a Victory for Consumers!

Several states are suing to block the merger between these two telecom giants, Reuters reports. In a healthy free-market economy these two companies compete for mobile customers by proving the latest products, and good service. Since Mobile device manufacturers themselves already have a ton of market power, carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint have lower margins... Continue Reading →

An Informed Electorate

The U.S. has an informed electorate problem. For people who pay attention to the news and policy advances within your state and local government, this is probably a source of frustration and not news. The founding fathers thought that an informed electorate was an important component to a functional democracy. Their litmus test to determine... Continue Reading →

Absurdity in the Age of The Absurd

There was a post on CBSnews.com about "big oil" asking the government for help against climate change. I immediately thought that this was a good intentioned, but rather sensational headline to pull in readers. Surely the hubris of the oil empire couldn't be this blatant. Evidently, Texas has proposed a plan to build a levee... Continue Reading →

The Tax Bill and Measured GDP

Google is the latest multinational giant to end its "double Irish" tax loophole, according to Financial Times. The article reads: "Google’s actions came ahead of the close of the so-called “double Irish” tax loophole, which has been used by US companies to channel international profits through Ireland and on to tax havens like Bermuda — putting them... Continue Reading →

Good News for Low Wage Workers

The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank has released data showing that the bottom 25% of workers are seeing faster wage raises: Source: Atlanta Fed This is presumably tracked so closely, as the nation has increasingly squeaked the wheel of low minimum wage in recent years. It appears as though the grease may be working. I should... Continue Reading →

Are We Making Fewer New Holidays?

I wondered recently whether we are culturally plateauing when it comes to holiday creation. I looked up a list of federal holidays observed in the U.S., and tried to find the date that they were first celebrated, at least informally: New Year's Day - 153 B.C. Thanksgiving - October 1621 President's Day (George Washington's Birthday)... Continue Reading →

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