The GOP Tax Cut – Two Years Later

NPR published an article recently looking at the 2017 tax bill, passed along party lines by the GOP. I predicted back then, as well as most economists, that this tax cut was going to be a boon to already very wealthy people, and do little to nothing for most of the country. The article points... Continue Reading →

Good News for Low Wage Workers

The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank has released data showing that the bottom 25% of workers are seeing faster wage raises: Source: Atlanta Fed This is presumably tracked so closely, as the nation has increasingly squeaked the wheel of low minimum wage in recent years. It appears as though the grease may be working. I should... Continue Reading →

Are We Making Fewer New Holidays?

I wondered recently whether we are culturally plateauing when it comes to holiday creation. I looked up a list of federal holidays observed in the U.S., and tried to find the date that they were first celebrated, at least informally: New Year's Day - 153 B.C. Thanksgiving - October 1621 President's Day (George Washington's Birthday)... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Demographic Changes

Something I came across on the Census Bureau site: "Between 2010 and 2018, 1,481 (47.1 percent) counties gained population and 1,661 (52.9 percent) lost population." Under normal circumstances we would expect that natural birth rates would replenish the existing population, wherever they may be. For example, let's take a small county with 10,000 residents. Let's... Continue Reading →

Another End to Hiatus

Did you know that "hiatus" is a latin term meaning "gaping hole"? In a sense I feel as though as if this is true with my writing. My typical production style is to work in short, intense bursts. This style doesn't lend itself to long-term sustained predictable work, meaning there are periods of time which... Continue Reading →

Is the U.S. Government Too Big?

At the center of the current cultural/political war lay a question which the public has yet to mediate: how large a role is the U.S. government supposed to play in our lives? The party norms which have traditionally guided the GOP, such as small government, seem to have fallen apart. The fierce cries from Republicans... Continue Reading →

The Populist Movement

The wave of support which evidently buttressed Trump's nomination and eventual election to the Presidency has often been called "a wave of populism". This term has a broad meaning and I would like to deconstruct its many uses to get at the center of what it actually means. Populism by definition appeals to "ordinary" voters... Continue Reading →

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